Our work can be divided into two categories; reactive and proactive.  The reactive work is taking care of immediate needs such as a leak, an emergency issue, or other need for roof work.  Our proactive work is aimed at ways to extend the serviceable life of your roof and to hopefully recognize issues before they become an emergency. If upon inspection your roof is found to be beyond its useful life our team will work with you to select new materials and replace your existing roof. We partner with a number of manufacturers to provide a wide selection of shingles to compliment your home’s architectural design. Including a number of products engineered to prevent algae growth. Rest assured that our default position during the inspection process will not be “replace”. We have trained and dedicated teams that provide service work that can work to extend the life of your roof. Your roof protects your most valuable assets, we can help protect your roof.

Leak Investigation

Our Service Techs have experience with many different types of systems and this knowledge helps them identify issues in a particular type of system.

We utilize an infrared camera to assist in detecting areas of moisture in the system.

When the source of the leak is difficult to identify we have a checklist of procedures to be followed so we can systematically eliminate components of the system until we find the source and can repair it.

Once the issue is identified our Techs have the appropriate materials with them to make the proper repair in accordance with the system and warranty requirements.

Emergency Response

These issues normally occur during some type of weather event or other direct cause.

A temporary solution may be required to prevent further property damage until the permanent solution can be put in place.

Our Service Department has the required experience to address these issues.

We have Service Techs on call after hours, on weekends, and when any major weather event that might create unusual damage is predicted.

Soft Wash

Soft Wash uses chemicals recommended by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) to clean the shingle roof without pressure washing. The solution is not toxic to landscaping, is biodegradable and becomes a salt once it dries. It will kill and remove the black algae that creates black streaks on roofs in our area. Our region is in the humidity zone that encourages the growth of black algae. It will also kill moss and its spores as well as lichen. This same soft wash system can be used to clean algae and mildew from exterior siding and brick. It can also clean decks, walls and driveways. Let us make your stained roof look new!

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Residential Repairs

We have Techs trained to work on all aspects of a residential roof.

We will perform repairs on the following types of residential roofs:

Asphalt shingle roofs

Metal roofs

Slate / Tile roofs

Flat roofs

Gutters and downspouts

Chimney flashing and caps

We have Service Techs on call after hours, on weekends, and when any major weather event that might create unusual damage is predicted.

Company History

McNeil Roofing opened in 1949 as a commercial roofing company. It was operated by the McNeil family until it was bought by J.M. Turner & Co in 1990. In 2008 Lee Wilhelm and John Williams purchased McNeil and actively manage the day to day operations. Lee brings 35 years of construction experience to the company. John has been involved in the roofing industry in several different roles since 1985. Together John and Lee offer a unique blend of experience to McNeil clients. To discuss how McNeil Roofing can assist you, please call (540) 774-7091

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